Quick Time Bellhousing – Mazda 13B or 20B Rotary Engine Perfect fit for 13B/20B Mazda RX7s with Ford AODE transmissions




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This Quick Time bellhousing is made from lightweight steel and fits RX7 13B / 20B to Ford AODE Transmissions.


  • Patent on 16 points of Bellhousing Design & Process


Quick Time

QuickTime Bellhousings

QuickTime bellhousings for Circle Track, strip, and street applications are built from high-grade steel. The cone is spun, not rolled or stamped, allowing these bellhousings to be the most dimensionally stable and accurate for today’s high performance vehicles offering proven performance. Choose the size and specs needed for fitment on your particular vehicle, then bridge your transmission and engine with a QuickTime bellhousing.

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Shipping Weight 25 lbs


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