RJS Sportsman 10ft Parachutes (Black)

Parachute, Sportsman, 10 ft. Size, Black, Each


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  • Parachute Size: 10 ft.
  • 4 lines for up to 2499 lbs
  • Parachute Color: Black
  • Quantity: Sold individually.

Stop safely with one of these RJS Sportsman parachutes. Vroom! You’re off and down the track. Going fast is a thrill but being able to stop brings peace at the end of a good run. RJS spring-loaded chutes are built to give your car (running up to 200 mph) extra help in bringing your high performance vehicle to a halt. They use the finest materials available and each includes chute, pilot chute, bag, keeper, and mounting plate. Their Sportsman models are offered in a choice of colors and feature 10 ft. /4 lines for up to 2499 lbs. Equip your racer with RJS Sportsman parachutes–don’t leave the line without them!


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