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The VSS (Vehicle Speed Sensor) on the 2005 and up K-series transmission uses a different output signal that is not compatible with the 2002 to 2004 ecu, or the original gauge cluster on many K-swapped vehicles. This means that in swap situations a converter must be used to properly display speed on the cluster. There are similar products available from other companies that are not adjustable, inaccurate or difficult to install and calibrate.

The K-Tuned Adjustable Speed Converter is perfect for anyone using a 2005 and up K-series transmission in a swapped car. The unit comes preprogrammed with calibrated settings for a 205 50/R15 tire with a 23” diameter. The overall 23” tire diameter is very common on swap vehicles. We didn’t stop there though… Our converter is also fully adjustable allowing it to be used as speedo healer for anyone who wants to dial in the cluster 100% to display the accurate speed of the vehicle.

The K-Tuned VSS converter was designed to be wired into the engine harness on the interior of the car near the ecu. Installation is very simple with only 4 wires to connect. Power, ground, speed signal input and speed signal output. The converter comes complete with install instructions plug in harness and jumper plug. This allows the unit to be easily disconnected if needed, because there is a separate wire harness that plugs into the box and the jumper plug reconnects the input and output signals back to stock.

K-Tuned also has two more speed converters available. One unit is specific to guys doing S2000 cluster swaps in cars using 02-04 transmissions. The other unit will be a general speedo healer that can be used in cars with complete 02-04 transmission setups that are currently out of calibration.

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