Billet Pro 7000 Series Rear Plate Mazda 13B Engine

  • Compatible with both 13B and 20B (Mods Required for 20B) engines. Cosmo port design.
  • Please contact us for colour options.

This product can be subject to 4-8 weeks for delivery times on average depending on production and order position. If you have any further questions about this product please drop us an email at or call 407 944 0064 and we will be happy to assist you.


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BILLET PRO 7000 Series Rear Plate.

The 7000 Series range of Billet Pro rotary end plates are specifically designed for those who are looking for extreme strength and durability in the highest horsepower and motorsport applications.

This high quality unit Features:

  • Cosmo/FD Intake pattern (Can be used straight out of the box without further porting if required)
  • Water Cooling flow paths have been designed to outperform OEM flow rates.
  • All Billet Pro engine plates have the greatest cooling efficiency on the market.
  • Vigorously tested in both High Horsepower Street & Race applications with tremendous quality and proven reliability.
  • Can be used with a factory oil filter pedestal.
  • Machined from High Quality Certified ISO 9001:2015 AA7075 Billet Aerospace grade zinc aluminum. (Anodising not available in this material due to the high zinc & copper content. If wanting anodised plates check out the 6000 Series plates
  • Replaceable Cast iron wear face with advanced counter torque screw type retainer.
  • Interference fitment required for stationary gear for ultimate fitment

(Stationary gear not included can be purchased separately)

Note: (No oil metering can be used. Pre mix is recommend)

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