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RTD and K-Type Thermocouple sensors are perfect the perfect solution for viewing and logging various temperatures including exhaust gas temps (EGTs), cylinder head temps, pre and post intercooler temps, air temps, water temps, fluid temps, disc brake temps and more. AEM offers a durable closed-tip RTD-type high temp sensor (PN 30-2052) and an inexpensive, fast-responding K-Type, closed tip thermocouple sensor (PN 30-2068 sold individually or in 2-or 4-packs).

AEM’s RTD-Type Temperature Sensor (PN 30-2052) is packed with features that deliver consistent measurement and long life. It features a closed-tip design that lasts longer than the previous generation’s perforated tip design and the tip is smaller for less intrusion—and less restriction. Inconel-tubing protects the wiring, which is terminated with a high-quality DTM-style 2-pin connector. The sensor reads a temperature range of -40 to 1,560 degrees F (-40 to 850 degrees C), and its thin-film platinum element provides a high degree of accuracy (+/- 0.9% from 536 to 1,560 degrees F). Our RTD-Type Sensor features a 90-degree bend at the sensor tip for easier installation in tight spaces, and it includes a weld-in sensor bung with machined M14x1.5 threads.

AEM’s K-Type Thermocouple Sensor includes a closed-tip TC sensor with an Inconel sheath, 10′ extension wire, 1/8″ NPT compression fitting, and ring and terminal harness. These are sold individually and in 2- and 4-packs.PN 30-2065 is a K-Type replacement sensor only. If you need to rewire an existing K-Type thermocouple sensor, PN 30-2066 is a wiring extension harness that includes 10′ of wiring, hex nuts, screws and Inconel sheath. NOTE: For the most accurate readings using a K-Type thermocouple sensor, see our 8-Channel K-Type EGT CAN Module, PN 30-2224.

PN 30-2052 RTD-Type Temp Sensor Specifications

Temperature Range -40°F to 1,560°F (-40°C to 850°C)
Protective Tube Material Inconel 601
Sensor Thread M14x1.5
Sensor Element Thin film platinum
Nominal Resistance of Element 200 Ω at 0°C
Accuracy ±2.5°C from -40°C to 280°C

±0.9% from 280°C to 850°C

Response Time T63 <11 seconds at 300°C, air velocity of 11m/s

<6.5 seconds at 300°C, air velocity of 70m/s

PN 30-2065/2066/2068 K-Type Thermocouple Temp Sensor Specifications

Max Temperature 1800° F (982.2°C)
Protective Tube Material Inconel
Sensor Thread 1/8″ NPT (Compression Fitting)
Sensor Element K-Type Thermocouple
Sheath Length 3″ / 76.2mm
Sheath Diameter 0.125″ / 3.18mm
Termination Ring Terminals
Wire Length 12″
Accuracy Greater of 3.96°F / 2.2°C or 0.75%

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