Stroud Fire Suppression System 5lb FE-36

Kit Includes:

  • 5lb Bottle
  • Bottle Head
  • Installation Mounts & Clamps
  • 8′ Cut-To-Fit Pull Cable
  • (2) 2-Port (or 120°) Nozzles
  • (1) 6-port (or 360°) Nozzle
  • All Necessary Fittings
  • 12.500 ft. Of Tubing


Available on backorder

Available on backorder

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Stroud Safety Fire Suppression System

Stroud Safety offers some of the most dependable fire suppression systems to keep you and your race vehicles safer. Their fire suppression delivery systems cover all motorsports applications. They are designed to achieve concentration within 10 seconds, keeping combustion from occurring, and they are SFI-approved. The Fire Suppression System include a bottle, head, mount, clamps, pull cable, nozzles, fittings, and tubing. Your car can be replaced and repaired–you can’t! Protect yourself and your equipment to race another day with Stroud Safety fire suppression systems.

SFI Rating: SFI 17.1
Fire System Agent: Dupont FE36
Cable Included: Yes
Fire System Activation: Cable Pull Activation
Discharge Line Included: Yes
Discharge Line Length (ft.): 12.5 ft.
Discharge Line Material: Steel
Number of Discharge Ports: Two
Number of Spray Nozzles: Three
Bottle Material: Steel
Bottle Finish: Powdercoated red
Bottle Brackets Included: Yes
Fittings Included: Yes
Hardware Included: Yes
Quantity: Sold as a kit.
Notes: Systems include the following: bottle, head, mount, clamps, 8 ft. pull cable, two 120 degree 2-port nozzles, one 360 degree 6-port nozzle, fittings and 12.5 ft. of tubing. System is SFI 17.1 approved.

Stroud Safety Overview

With over 25 years in the business, Stroud Safety has established itself as the premier name in automotive parachute technology. Stroud Chutes are well-known for always opening softly and predictably. These chutes have been designed so one person alone can pack them quickly and easily in about 5 minutes. Stroud Chutes don’t pull the car off the ground; they pull low and straight back, opening softer and more reliably than conventional chutes. Ultimately this technology stops your car in less distance than any competitor chute.

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Additional information

Shipping Weight 15 lbs
Shipping Dimensions 15.5 × 14.7 × 5.8 in


Stroud Safety


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