Stroud Safety parachute Competition Eliminator Black Canopy

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Stroud Safety parachute Competition Canopy

Stroud Safety manufactures some of the finest parachutes in the industry. Available in a variety of options and colors.

Choose air or spring launcher option for the ultimate in stopping power. (Only applies to the Pro Stock chute SSE-430).

Drag chutes only understand two things: weight and speed. Body styles do enter into the picture. You can figure out how much canopy you need and match it to your class by using the formula below:

Remember, this is only a guide…

(Weight of car, in pounds) X (Speed, in mph) / 1,000

For example: (1,600 X 150) / 1,000 = 240 This is the MAX limit for S/C.

If you have a higher number than this, you require a stronger chute.

S/C 400 or less S/G 410 or less C/E 420 or less P/S 430 or less Alcohol / Fuel Rail Must use 2 chutes / Alcohol / Fuel Funny Must use 2 chutes.

Stroud Safety Overview

With over 25 years in the business, Stroud Safety has established itself as the premier name in automotive parachute technology. Stroud Chutes are well-known for always opening softly and predictably. These chutes have been designed so one person alone can pack them quickly and easily in about 5 minutes. Stroud Chutes don’t pull the car off the ground; they pull low and straight back, opening softer and more reliably than conventional chutes. Ultimately this technology stops your car in less distance than any competitor chute.

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Stroud Safety


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