Racequip 5pt Harness Set SET L&L SFI (Black)

Harness, 5 Point, Latch and Link, SFI 16.1, Pull Down Adjust, Bolt-On / Wrap Around, Individual Harness, Black, Kit


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In stock

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Racequip 5pt Harness Specs

SFI Rating
Number of Points
5 Point
Shoulder Style
Lap Belt Ends
Bolt In | Wrap Around
Lap Belt Mount
Floor | Roll Bar
Lap Belt Length
20-60 in
Lap Belt Width
3 in
Lap Belt Pull Up/Down
Pull Down
Shoulder Belt Ends
Bolt in | Wrap Around
Shoulder Belt Mount
Roll Bar
Shoulder Belt Length
20-62 in
Shoulder Belt Width
3 in
Shoulder Belt Pull Up/Down
Pull Down
Anti Submarine Belt Ends
Bolt In | Wrap Around
Latch Style
Latch & Link

Racequip produces a wide range of safety equipment and clothing for racing, at reasonable prices. They have a diverse selection of high-quality SFI-rated and fire-resistant suits, underwear, gloves, and shoes, as well as helmets, harnesses, window nets, and much more.

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Shipping Weight 7.31 lbs
Shipping Dimensions 12.6 × 10.4 × 3.4 in




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